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Heath berkowitz How to read and play sheet music for bass guitar?

Heath berkowitz How to read and play sheet music for bass guitar?

You bought an electric bass 4 string, but you can not read sheet music and tablatures for playing bass guitar as you have never done music theory! No problem, Heath berkowitz even without any basic music theory you will learn how to read music and you can start playing.

Implementation steps
How to read and play sheet music for bass guitar?

First, the bass guitar has 4 strings. The biggest is the low E string. Heath berkowitz One below it is the rope LA. The following is the RE and the rope is finer the G string. If you play these chords without involving the left hand, without pressing the handle, we say that you play the strings. You produce the corresponding sounds in the name of ratings. MI SOL LA RE.
The notes you need to know, DO RE MI FA are SOL (French writing) or CDEFG (English writing).

To illustrate our example, we'll take the score of ADAGIO E SIEMPRE BACH. The tempo is 50 to black, it takes 4 semiquavers to a black and we have 3 black to boot. This means that you will have to play the value of 3 black by action. You can tap your foot to the beat. We have 15 steps in our score and we have 4 sharps alterations (increase in score) to the key FA RE DO SOL.


The bass guitar is key FA. Heath berkowitz You have 4 lines in key FA for melody that can be played by a keyboard and below the correspondence for low 4 lines.

TAB on our partition, the first line from the bottom corresponding to the low E (the thick rope) the second to the third LA RE and the very top SOL (the highest string).

Attention is the reverse on your guitar when you hold your guitar, the handle is on the left and the lowest note is at the top (thick rope) and sharpest down.

The guitarist will be interested lines, measurements indicated TAB. Heath berkowitz The bass guitar is composed of modules (boxes) are the bars that are below the strings. In our first step we from the bottom figure 4 3 4 on the second line so you'll have to play with your left hand on the second strings of your guitar from the top rope and after the big press box 4 then the 3 and 4 on the back, you count from left 4 strips (4 cases).

Then we have the numbers 1 and 2 on the third line from the bottom. Same on your guitar from the left you count a box and you press the penultimate chord from the bottom of your guitar and then box 2. Etc...

Tips and Warnings

Tip (s):

To gain speed, Heath berkowitz you must first perform the movements with your left hand without playing with the right hand.

Time: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 (All Day Event) EST
Host: Heath Berkowitz
Heath Berkowitz (Boston, MA)
Boston, MA 02122

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